Step 2: Decide on a Business Structure

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In general, government approval is not required for foreigners to do business in Singapore and 100 percent foreign ownership is permitted. There are a few exceptions such as banks and other financial institutions, which require approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Foreign investment is fairly unrestricted and funds can be freely remitted in and out of the country.

The body monitoring the requirements of the Companies Act (CA) is the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

For details on the process of registration and incorporation see steps 1 - 4.

Check if your country of origin has concluded an investment protection treaty with Singapore for protection from expropriation and similar interference with their private property by the respective other state.

Depending on your status there are various ways to set up a business in Singapore as:

  • A foreign company who wants to register or incorporate a business in Singapore or as
  • A foreigner who wants to incorporate a company in Singapore.

Follow the Types of Business Guide below.

Types of Business Guide

I want to open a Representative Office
I want to open a Branch
I want to open a Subsidiary
I want to open a Incorporated Company
I want to open a Limited Liabilty Partnership
I want to open a Limited Partnership
I want to open a Sole Proprietorship

Diagram of Business Vehicles in Singapore

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