Step 1: Name Approval and SSIC Code

The first procedure of the incorporation or registration process is the approval and reservation of the company name. Submit your application online via Bizfile with your SingPass password. Appoint a professional firm if you do not have a SingPass.

An application fee of S$15.00 is payable for each approved company name. Reservation is for 60 days but can be extended for a further 60 days before expiry. The fee for the extension is S$ 10.00 per name. Approval of a name takes usually one hour.

Research business names at Bizfile as to avoid identical or too similar names of any existing company.

  • To avoid any trade mark infringement search for trade marks at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)
  • Avoid offensive, obscene or abusive names
  • Avoid names already reserved
  • Avoid names of a kind that the Minister has directed the Registrar not to accept for registration e.g. Temasek
  • Names in need of approval of an external authority (such as media, finance, law, bank) may delay approval time by up to 3 weeks
  • You can register a name online with your SingPass if you are a Singapore resident. Otherwise you require assistance of a professional company.

You will need to provide the SSIC code when registering your business. The SSIC or Singapore Standard Industry Classification code is ACRA’s way of categorising businesses. Search for the right SSIC code using ACRA's online search engine. See here for classification of Industries.